Submission guidelines – read carefully if you want me to review your book.


I do not charge for reviewing a book. I love reading and I love sharing my opinion about the books I read. This also means that I DO NOT PURCHACE BOOKS! If you want me to review your book, send me a free copy.

I give honest and thorough reviews. I rank my reviews on a 5 stars scale. If I loved the book, I won’t hesitate to give it a 5 star and explain exactly what I found so fabulous about it. But it also means that I won’t pull any punches if I don’t like your book, but I promise to give a thorough explanation of what didn’t work for me.

I also post my review on Amazon and Goodreads. If you want me to post my review on another site, please indicate that in your email.

My preferred book format is EPUB, but I can accept books in MOBI, PDF and DOC formats as well.

I mostly read fiction. I might be persuaded to review a non-fiction book, but it would be approached on case by case basis. I DO NOT read or review erotic fiction. I mostly read adult fiction. I DO NOT read Young Adult of Children books.

 Genres I read in:

  • Science fiction: both hard and soft, space operas welcome.
  • Fantasy: any genre, from high fantasy to urban or dark fantasy.
  • Horror: psychological horror only. I will not read the “splatter gore” genre.
  • Paranormal: I prefer paranormal mysteries.
  • Post-apocalyptic and dystopian: yes please, love those two genres.
  • Romance: not a big fan, but I can pick up a romance book IF it’s written in the above mentioned genres; IF the characters are interesting and the romance evolves organically (no love at first sight, please); and IF the romance is secondary to the plot itself.

If you want me to review your book, please send your review request to and include a synopsis of your book, a link to your amazon or goodreads page, and some information about yourself. Please also indicate which format you would be able to send your book in.

I usually only reply if I decide to review your book. I will also send you an email with an estimated timeline as to when I can get to it. It all depends on my ever-growing pile of books awaiting reviews.

4 thoughts on “Submission guidelines – read carefully if you want me to review your book.”

  1. Oh wow, I didn’t know folks asked you for reviews. I thought you just read what you liked. 🙂

    Not sure I could ever accept books from random people for review. I’m too picky.

  2. I know a lot of indie writers, and sometimes they ask if I could review their book. But I still read what I like. If I don’t “dig” a book after about 100 pages, I usually write a polite email to the author explaining what didn’t work for me and move on to the next book. I love doing reviews because I have discovered a lot of wonderful authors whose books I absolutely love like that. I would never have had a chance to read them if I stuck to what I knew and didn’t accept new books for reviews. So I’m always excited to get a request from someone new!

  3. I would like to send you PDF copies of my two novels to consider for reviews. I cannot find on your blog how to do that. The first is The Witch of Endor: Vampires Book 1. It is available on PDF and or Audible promo code. It currently holds a 4.8/5 star rating on Audible and has been written about in several magazines including Kirkus. It is a paranormal fantasy/romance, YA-midgrade, 54,000 words, six hours on Audible. A blending of Greek and Hebrew mythology.

    The second is Hammer of the Gods: The Nine Realms Book 1. This is Epic fantasy/dystopian, think Lord of the Rings in a universe all its own. A blending of Norse/Greek and Hebrew mythology.

    Please let me know if you would be interested and if so what format(s) you would like to receive copies of the books.

    1. Hello and thank you for reaching out to me. I am honestly not big on YA books, especially if they are romance as well, so I will have to pass on the first book. I am however interested in the second book you mentioned. You can send me either a PDF or EPUB file if you want. However, I have a long list of books that I need to read and review, so I don’t promise a quick response. You can email me the file at

      Have a great day!

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